Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mesothelioma - Heather's Story

It has been a while since I checked my e-mail...and today I did.  Sitting there was an e-mail from Emily, the Outreach Director of the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, asking me to share some information on my blog and to check out the story of Heather, an 8 year mesothelioma survivor. 

Mesothelioma is a cancer caused by asbestos exposure and apparently, completely preventable. According to the e-mail I received from Emily, "At the time of diagnosis, she (Heather) had just given birth and was told she only had 15 months to live. Since then, she has made it her mission of spreading awareness for the upcoming Asbestos Awareness Week".  

I was intrigued, and so I clicked the link to Heather's website and I watched her story. Amazing. Simply amazing. It seems she has beaten the odds and has lived more than 6 years beyond the life expectancy of most mesothelioma patients.  

To help support Heather's efforts and to help raise awareness, I am posting the fact sheet that was forwarded to me along with this e-mail along with a link below to Heather's story.

To read more about Heather's story:

I hope that you will help to spread the word and forward this information to the people you know.  

Thank you Heather for sharing your story. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Vegan Veggie Rolls

In recent months, a close family member has had some disappointing test results.  Cancer has struck my family too many times, as I am sure it has for you too.  With some help from Sister, we have that family member sprouting and I'm doing my best to convince Her to attend Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach Florida.  So far, She isn't convinced that Hippocrates is the way to go, but at least She's willing to sprout, and has definitely made a few diet and health related changes to their life.  This seems to have helped, and chemo has been delayed.  I have breathed a sigh of relief, somewhat.

The main reason why I started altering my diet was for my health and to improve and impact my and my family's health in positive ways.  

With the recent updated test result that scared the bejeepers out of me, I began reading a book I won at a Hippocrates lecture.  It sat on my shelf for way too long unread.  Life seems so busy, and somehow tomorrow never came.  That day, when the test results came in, and I was faced with the possibility of losing someone far sooner than I dare imagine, the book came off the shelf.  I'm dead tired when I fall in to bed most nights, so I'm not done the book, but I have made some severe progress. And I'm loving the book.  I encourage you all to read it as well.  It's called 'Living Foods for Optimum Health' by Theresa Foy Digeronimo and Brian R. Clement.
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With all the health realities and scares lately, I have been making more of a concerted effort to prepare vegan and raw vegan meals.  I got a little off track for a while and was a lot less strict about both dairy and meat for a short while.  I was not eating a lot of meat or dairy, but definitely more than I wanted to.  My boys (big and small) both still want and love meat and dairy.  So while I don't prepare every meal with those two ingredients, I do so more than I wish to. 

Last year I started sprouting and eating more raw vegan meals, in addition to vegetarian meals.  Now I am trying to go that extra mile, concentrating more on the raw vegan.  I can't say that we'll be 100% raw vegan...but I'm definitely eating more raw vegan meals.  It is a steap learning curve though.  It is one thing to decide to be raw vegan...and another to figure out what a menu for being raw vegan looks like...other than green salads.  

One of my first additions to our menu (to make things a  little interesting if not exciting for our little guy...ah heck, for me too) is to make these Veggie Rolls.

Criteria for my meals:
1. easy
2. very little prep time
3. tasty

This one fits all 3 criteria....and the tasty part was agreed upon by all.

Ingredients: (ideally organic if possible)
Baby Spinach
Red Bell Pepper
Sprouts (I like using a crunchy bean mix, kale, broccoli, or even red clover)
Rice paper

With the exception of the spinach and the sprouts, I thinly slice all the other vegetables.
Then, I wet the rice wraps, added the vegetables, sprouts, rolled, and repeated.
When they were done (in less than 1/2 and hour) we served them up with some dipping sauce and enjoyed.  

We've also experimented with adding nori wraps (seaweed) to the rolls, and enjoyed those too.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Almost Egg Nog - Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, Soy Free

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Happy holidays!  We are officially on our holiday break.  Two weeks of fun filled family time - snow shovelling ( a lot of this in recent days), skating, tobogganing, and some much needed time to relax.  Son announces to us every day how many days there are left until Christmas.  He informs me that as of today there are 3 days left.

Oh....Christmas is here. I was feeling like a glass of egg nog and remembered that last year I posted a recipe for a dairy free version.  I checked it out...but saw that it seemed more involved than I was feeling up to. You see, I'm feeling a bit lazy like relaxing, and my recipe called for saucepans and eggs...and more precision than I was feeling up to.  So I set out to make an egg nog that didn't involve eggs or saucepans.

Almond Milk (it's thicker than other non-dairy milks and mimics the consistency of egg nog)
That's it.

I poured a glass of almond milk and added some agave to taste.  Everything in this recipe is measured to taste.  ...I'm going to guess that I used a tablespoon of agave.  Then I sprinkled in both nutmeg and cinnamon.  Then I stirred like mad to mix it all up.  It doesn't taste exactly like egg nog...but it's pretty close....and it was very quick to make.

If you're gluten free/ dairy free/ vegan and craving a glass of egg nog, I hope you'll enjoy this recipe.

Happy Holidays!